Thursday 23 August 2012

Picture post number two...Cafe Ein Hod

Israel by Yekkes

Back in 2010 I spent a few days in Ein Hod during one of my many visits to Israel. Just a short drive from Haifa, Ein Hod is a beautiful, peaceful and very friendly place, famous for its artists' colony, founded by, amongst others Marcel Janco, the Dadaist and architect, originally from Romania. I stayed in a "zimmer", an Israeli take on a chalet I suppose. It was a two room apartment - bedroom/living space plus bathroom, with a view all the way to the Mediterranean. It was very comfortable and restful, and I remember watching some great sunsets from my terrace. Ein Hod is home to the Janco Dada Museum, the fantastic Silver  Print Gallery where the owner Vivienne Silver-Brody showed me her collection of beautiful prints from pre-state Israel - I couldn't resist taking some home (!) - and of course, a really good cafe - Cafe Ein Hod where I had my breakfast each day  - an Israeli salad and omelette.  Big Israeli portions of healthy tasty food with fresh orange and strong coffee. Terrific. Sadly, Ein Hod suffered in the fires in Northern Israel during 2011. The Silver Gallery and the zimmer I stayed in escaped the flames, but not everyone was so lucky. But Israelis are resilient. Ein Hod has made a good recovery and is welcoming guests again. 

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