Tuesday 21 August 2012

Picture post number one...Georgia on my mind

Georgia 2008 by Yekkes

I have been leafing back through old photos and enjoying my pictures from a trip to Georgia in 2008. It was a great experience - Tbilisi is a fascinating city and I surprised myself by enjoying walking in the hills, climbing a waterfall and drinking mineral water directly from the spring - not normally my thing. I had a fantastic guide - Maya and a great driver - Giorgy. They both looked after me, ensured I saw all the things I wanted to see and seemed to share my strange sense of humour. I hope they are well and thriving. This picture shows the entrance to the 17th century sulphur baths in Tbilisi, with the narrow steps at the side leading to the city's only mosque (you can see a little of the minaret) and a traditional Georgian style house with a beautiful loggia. Many of the houses adjacent to the baths are occupied by artists.  The reader was waiting for the baths to open. Georgia remains near the top of my list of most enjoyed trips - I can almost taste the kachapuri cheese bread now just thinking about it! Great cherry juice too...

You can see more pictures from Georgia here.

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