Thursday 31 January 2019

Travels with my camera 2018 - The Best Pictures

During 2018 I was fortunate enough to visit several countries. The most important piece of luggage I carry with me is my camera. It helps me to interact with people and places, to construct a visual record of my travels and to collect and preserve memories for the future. I use my pictures to illustrate my writing, hopefully adding visual impact to that of the written word. I share them on various social media platforms in order to receive feedback, provoke discussion and in some small way promote the places I've been to so that others may decide to go too. 

Next month, from February 4th-11th there will be a small exhibition of some of my pictures at Maison Bertaux, the famous patisserie in Greek Street, Soho, right in the heart of London. It will feature photographs from India and Mozambique whilst the accompanying limited edition catalogue will include additional images from the Philippines, Peru, Guatemala and Israel. This post highlights the ten photographs that received the most positive feedback on social media during 2018. They include one or two pictures from both the exhibition and the catalogue. I present them here with captions only, but over the last year I have written about all of them on this blog. 

If you like these pictures please come along to Maison Bertaux during the week of the exhibition to have a look at some more of my work...and to enjoy the superb patisserie in the cafe! Regular readers of my blog know that cake is one of my passions and will not be surprised at the choice of venue!

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If you are interested in any of these pictures or the catalogue, please contact me at

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Serene salesman and sleepy shopper, Ahmedabad
Juana, artisan, Cusco
Waiting for the shop to open, Mafalala, Mozambique
"Photo photo" Butcher, Libertado Market, Manila
The chicken man, Mumbai
The pain of memory, Jerusalem
Yolanda, selling peppers, Trujillo
The tailor, Tagbilaran, Philippines
Morning, Ahmedabad

Friends, Ilha de Moçambique

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  1. Congratulations! Outstanding photographs that truly deserve to be seen by a larger audience. It's only a shame the exhibition isn't on for longer!