Wednesday 2 October 2013

Popular pictures on flickr

Its now two years and 96,372 views since I opened my flickr account in October 2011. I am still hooked on flickr, not just for being able to post and share my own photographs, but to be able to see great pictures from all around the world for free.

Since my previous annual round up of flickr stories, I have been surveying London's remaining art deco buildings, bit by bit and a number of these photographs have been very popular, attracting many views. A small set that I did on Florin Court near the Barbican has been particularly successful with the picture below receiving 353 views. Florin Court was the location for some of the popular TV series Poirot, based on Agatha Christie's novels. You can read more about Florin Court here.

Florin Court, London
Another popular photo in my London art deco series is the clock that sits proudly above the enhance to Selfridges department store in London's Oxford Street. I took this picture at the end of a long morning of touring north and central London, capturing images of some of the great art deco stations on the Piccadilly Line as well as some of the gems tucked away in the West End. So far, it has received 371 views on flickr. 

Art deco clock, Selfridges, London

The Royal Academy of Art has staged some great exhibitions this year. I especially liked the recent Mexico show. When I went to visit this exhibition, a huge wall hanging sculpture, the work of West African artist, El Anatsui was on display in the front courtyard of the Academy. I took a series of pictures of the sculpture which soon garnered more than 200 flickr views each. Made from aluminium bottle tops, printing plates and roofing sheets, it stopped visitors in their tracks as they came through the entrance to the courtyard.

El Anatsui hanging sculpture, Royal Academy, London
Over the last twelve months, some of my older photographs from Russia and from Odessa in the Ukraine have begun to attract lots of extra views. This has changed the profile of my most popular photographs which for the first year on flickr were dominated by pictures taken in Eritrea - especially in and around Asmara. The three most viewed pictures on my flickr account to date include my interior shot of the beautiful Choral synagogue in St. Petersburg, taken in 2008 is the third most viewed picture with more than 500 views. I remember very well my visit to St. Petersburg and my excitement at walking along the great boulevard - Nevsky Prospekt, stopping for coffee and cakes on my way to the Hermitage.

St. Petersburg by Yekkes
Choral Synagogue, St. Petersburg
My picture of the young Orthodox Jewish boy and his mother taken in Jerusalem's Shuk Mahane Yehuda in 2010 is my second most viewed photograph, also with over 500 views. It is one of my favourite pictures, captured on one of my many strolls through the Shuk, taking in the sites, sounds, smells and colours of this wonderful place. And look at those pastries too!

Israel ישראל by Yekkes
Shuk Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem
The most viewed of my pictures is of the ceiling in the Rishelevskaya Street synagogue in Odessa. The ceiling has a beautiful large scale gold coloured menorah set against a lighter coloured background. It has now amassed an amazing (to me) 950 plus views - although, it should be noted that many other flickr photos have thousands of views

Odessa by Yekkes
Ceiling of synagogue in Rishelevskaya Street, Odessa
I have been lucky enough to visit several cities in the last twelve months, always with my camera. The sets of pictures from Vienna, Belgrade and Riga have been particularly successful. Some of the Riga pictures were used in Spirti of Progress, the Australian Art Deco and Modernism Society's magazine. One of my favourites from Vienna is below. It is an art nouveau detail from the facade of the Engel Apotheke, in Bognergasse, central Vienna, from 1901.

Engel Apotheke, Vienna
128 of my more than 2,500 photos have now received over 100 views. Several have been favourited by other flickr fans, and three of those most "favourited are below. Being able to "favourite" the pictures of other members is part of the fun of flickr and a great way of finding your way back to pictures often discovered by chance. Now, not far to go to 100,000 views...

Eritrea by Yekkes
Former Tagliero garage, Asmara, Eritrea

Subotica, September 2013 by Yekkes
Raichle Palace, Subotica, Serbia

Sarajevo by Yekkes
Art nouveau building, Sarajevo
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